Dear foreign readers, gamers and managers,

multiple times, in last year, I was contacted by foreign people with questions regarding Czech esport. Most questions were general at all, like „What is the main Czech esport problem?“ But some of them were specific.

As is originally Czech media, we’ve written our content in Czech. But as we evaluated the Czech esport, we found this work as not enough.

Instead of learning from general criticism of current system, the Czech esport association ( and its redactors were even „fighting“ against us. This has gone too far. We never thought that [some] people around Czech esport are or can behave so immorale. Not all of them, of course.

This is summarization of our 1.5 years investigation for foreign people. You have the right to know the truth.


When we began to write our web, the main problem was corruption. It was easy to buy a place on Czech esport championship (MČR) – link here.

Most clubs were honest and played qualifications, but some were able to buy a place instead of playing qualifications. Prices varied from €500 to €1000. We got a mention that even PlayZone administrators were selling the slots on MČR.

We have met with mr. Pleskot – chairman of and and introduced him into problems. We were surprised, but he (they) already knew about the corruption problem.

But mr. Pleskot told me, that if they change system, noone is going to participate at CZ esport competitions. That was a lie to keep corrupt system running. However, the pressure was so big, that PlayZone introduced rule changes for year 2019 and that helped. We did not observed this kind of corruption at 2019. So it was possible, no matter the bullshits mr. Pleskot told us.

Of course, the fear creating sentence of mr. Pleskot was not truth. Clubs played MČR and qualifications, just corruption has gone. We value that change was made, but still we do not trust the and – why they put so lot obstacles instead of learning and fixing issue?

Corruption – part 2

At the end of 2018 another corruption issue happened. The Fifa players of the economically biggest Czech club, eSuba, has tried to cheat the match to win the bets they put against themselves.

Yeah, this happen everywhere from time to time. But only in Czech esport, mr. Dyntar (eSuba owner) in cooperation with PlayZone and people tried to hide this case from public. No esport media except us wrote about that.

In opposite Czech esport clubs association issued ban to players for similar behavior. But guess what, they were not eSuba players. It is important to understand, that chairman of club association is eSuba manager, mr. Karel Potužník.

We got internal witness testimony saying that it was mr. Potužník who helped to cover eSuba fifa players corruption case.

Yes, you may hear excuses like „Police is investigating, so we wait, instead of taking an action.“ But: „eSuba team had no issue to write about such case in foreign country, no matter the police investigation did not finish.“

Also: The Fifa players confessed to investigators from betting company – Fortuna.

Of course, that mr. Potužník and mr. Dyntar know about the confession. So it is sure, they could take an action if they really don’t want corruption in CZ/SK esports.

But they didn’t take any action towards public. There was silence for a whole year. No apologies to club fans. No apologies to anyone.

From their point of view, it is probably OK to punish all except their players for same problem. Mr. Pleskot, chairman of knew about that and instead of taking action, he covertly helped to hide this problem.

It is beginning of 2020 and we still did not hear any apology or explanation. This is an ultimate problem. We cannot trust the main Czech esport organizations. And it was still not resolved.

Missing democracy in

Czech esport association is not democratic. It is triumvirate like organization handled by PlayZone, s.r.o. (mr. Pleskot), eSuba, z.s. (mr. Dyntar) and the (the biggest electronics eshop in Czech rep).

Players are invited to join association but without right to vote. Clubs were invited to be member, but only through their main association. So they would have just one vote against the triumvirate.

This lead me to thinking, that Czech esport association is not here to protect fair play and correct esport interests. It is here to protect business imperium of these companies and guys. And that’s also the problem!

It is the problem of many (not all) non-profit organizations in Czech republic. The law is weak and it allows it. But law is minimum of morale. If you do (e)sports, you should have morale on good level!

No discussion about chairman of Do you think there was a vote through Czech esport industry? Yes. it was. But: Only triumvirate voted.

Trolling instead of rational discussion

Yep, on our social network profiles, we had to answer many troll like questions, dumb attacks at all. You may say, if you publicize such information, you must face it. Its normal.

You are right, at all. However… What if the troll is writing articles for PlayZone, s.r.o. (mr. Pleskot’s company)? What if the troll precisely repeats the sentences which were proven as misinformation at the best and which were said on personal meeting by mr. Pleskot? Is this fine? We don’t think so. Trolls are everywhere, but sending trolls should not be reaction to criticism.


That’s the hardest question. Noone is really able to read the mind (except CIA of course). I am not an exception, even if I sometimes surprise people with correct guesses.

I think the answers are many, I will try to describe some.

The age of people (mr. Dyntar, mr. Pleskot): They born around 1980. They grown in socialism led by communist party. It was normal at these time to covertly hide problems instead of publicly solve them. Even if we are 30 years after Velvet revolution, a lot of socialistic thinking was kept in the people and mr. Dyntar and mr. Pleskot are not an exception.

Also, esport in Czech republic is their life: Fully. They cannot go back, they cannot loose investment without loose of their quality of living. That forces people many times, not just them, to loose morale and do everything to keep the business running.

Wild 90’s in Czech republic: If I said the people were born around 1980, the most important part of their life, getting adult happened in the wild years of economic transformation. From socialism to capitalism. Years of business murders, income of east mafia in Czech republic and much more. Consider you grow in these years. They consider themselves as good in comparison with people and things they know.

But that’s wrong. It’s 2020. I want to go to west, go towards the future. Not the back. No more socialistic ages. No more governance of one party. Nowhere.

Investment in Czech esport, as you can see is a big risk. We don’t say: Stay far away. But we would like to warn you. World has the right to know the truth.

We believe that most important for investors is trust. You must be able to trust the people behind business. And even if I invested little bit in Czech esport (by running the oldest esport club in Czech rep.), I still don’t have trust into the people I am talking about.

However, as I said, not all people is the same. There is a lot of good people in Czech esport. You just need to know. Some good are even working in esport associations like AGK. I believe we’re living in times of change, at least for esport industry. It is coming to mainstream, it can be regular sport – at least some games.

If you decide to do what I did, be careful. Verify. Verify the stories behind, trust after you check how people function. Be sure that you at least tried to understand some specialities of Czech minds. I am sorry for that, we’re still influenced by socialism. It will take few more decades and generations.

With the best regards! Thanks for reading.