Dear visitors, fans of esports and generally all people in the world! I am happy to share with you this article.

It was long time ago, I decided to invest some of my time to social networks and especially local gaming groups. By local, I mean Facebook groups like Dota 2 CZ/SK, Fortnite CZ/SK, League of Legends CZ/SK, Rust CZ/SK, CS:GO CZ/SK, etc.

There are many of these groups within Czech internet. However, when I came, I noticed that in some groups, there is a problem: Scammers.

These facebook groups must, of course, face other problems: Irrelevant content, trolls, community-standards breaking content. Sometimes even false news.

But from what I’ve seen, the biggest problem was: Scammers. Scammers selling or buying steam account to always leave you without payment or the purchased digital goods. Some of groups even warn about this problem in their rules.

I was the „lucky“ person, I got in touch with great people and I have become an admin of Dota 2 CZ/SK group. It is not biggest group, but it has more than 8000 members, mostly from Czech republic and Slovakia.

As I had a chance to do changes, I tried so. I have written new group rules and also, I have prepared the process, which completely avoided almost all scams in our Dota 2 CZ/SK group.

Specific steps

How? It is set of things you need to do to make whole system working. We have:

  1. Prepared the identity verification process for people:
    1. Who want to get unban (we may ask to go through this process or not, depending upon request)
    2. Who want to post business offers like „I sell Steam account“ and do not have profile, which is according to us legit and is using real name and other inormation.
    3. Who are posting posts which may lead to scamming other people.
  2. Integrated the process to the rules and informed community about

We did not want to ban or complicate personal trades. Like I have this item (e.g. Roshan statue – physical – and I want to sell it), thus these rules do not apply to such trades. These trades requires physical interaction and were not subject to interest of scammers.

1 year evaluation

People had doubts about such rules, of course. Or at least some people. But now, it is more than a year after we created this set of scam restrictions, precisely targetted on people misusing the internet.

Dota 2 CZ/SK group had minimum of scammers since. We had 2 reports regarding scammers in the whole year. We have deleted content where people offered Steam accounts and did not have valid profile photo or name.

In opposite of other groups, we decided to do more than just warn. We believe it is not possible repeatedly say to people, you are dumb, you got scammed, get smart. This is not problem of people who got scammed. This should be the problem of people who are scamming. That’s really fair.

So what happened? I already said that, but lets repeat: We got mostly rid of scammers. It also had an effect on other negative aspects of Facebook discussion. A lot of people learned and tried to be more smart and provide more relevant opinions in discussion. However, it also raised those, who claims to be smart and honest, but were not telling the truth.

It seems that people who were notoriously learned to not show real identity online were attracted by our action. Partially, it was people who like to scam or mistreat people in other way. The scammers are not stupid, mostly. They are bitches, yes, but are not stupid. These people always read the rules and learn the system, so they know how to scam it. It is important to understand the border between white hat and black hat here. The border is misuse of the knowledge to harm other people.

If you decide to learn from us, be sure that you use your brain to evaluate each individual case. The scammers will always try to use the „hole in the system“. It is an indicator you can use to identify them. Sometimes, it is really hard.

No matter I had to solve some trolls, I am happy that I could help our community and it worked. We’re here and can help other communities. Just get in touch.

With the best regards and hope!